Insurance Claims When a Tree Falls on Your Car

When you parked your car underneath a tree on a stormy night or perhaps your car parked outside for a long time and after coming back you will find out a large branch of tree reclining on your vehicle. Either way, the result would be unpleasant for you. Dead trees often become falling trees after a long period. Sometimes while driving down the road, a large tree limb or an entire tree can come crashing down. Anytime your car is hit by a falling object, comprehensive coverage will cover the cost of repairs on your vehicle, minus your deductible.

Keep In mind that hitting a tree or a tree has fallen differently on your vehicle would be handled differently and the collision coverage should be listed on your car insurance policy to pay for your car repairs. Korey Leslie, Attorney-At-Law, LLC most of the people asked about the difference between a tree falling on your car and hitting one lying on the road. It is your responsibility to be looking for obstacles on the road, and you ought to be able to stop without a collision.

Falling objects are often unavoidable, which is what makes it covered by comprehensive insurance how do I handle Tree Damage with my insurer? First of all, you should take a lot of photos for the whole incident and make a report like a document everything. 

After that ask your insurance agent what you can do to speed up your claim process. Most companies allow you to take photos of the tree on the vehicle so work can begin to remove the tree and possibly have the vehicle towed. It is recommended to use your insurance company's preferred criteria to speed up the process or you can hire Personal Injury attorney to do all this for you. Visit Korey Leslie, Attorney-At-Law, LLC and Hire best injury attorney for your case.